In this course, the participants dive into the world of urban design and design their own future city of their dreams as a team! 

In this award-winning course, the participants take a look at cities and city life from different perspectives, from human scale to the urban scale.

The participants are engaged in real-life related problem-solving, ideating, developing, designing, and collaborating while engaged in the creative processes of urban design. They practice participation skills, such as empathizing, listening, analyzing, and justifying their own opinions.

This course is a perfect example of phenomenal learning combining various STEAM subjects and humanities. 

STEAM Topics:

  • Science; climate and climate change
  • Engineering; function
  • Architecture
  • Humanities; decision making

Skills practiced:

  • Collaboration; citizenship

Working Methods:

Interactive lectures, discussions, design thinking, planning, hands-on working, presentation

Age range:

7+ years


3-5 days