Sweet City workshop charms the participants and offers a delicious practice to learn  about the elements of urban planning and a pleasant environment using all the senses. Learning can hardly be more fun and tasty!

The participants get to play  architects and city planners, and design and  build their own village from tasty materials such  as biscuits, waffles and sweets. 

The workshop includes an inspirational lecture introducing a compact history of urban planning,  different elements in the city, and contemporary high‑rise buildings.

At the end it´s possible to test how fast a city can disappear (in the mouths)!

STEAM Topics:

  • Technology; building materials
  • Engineering; structures
  • Architecture; planning
  • Math; scale
  • Humanities: Infrastructure

Skills practiced:

  • Problem solving
  • Collaboration, communication
  • Decision-making

Working Methods:

Interactive lecture, design thinking, hands-on working, presentation

Age range:

7+ years


2 hours

Price (excluding VAT):

1150€ – for groups of up to 15 participants
1550€ – for groups of up to 25 participants
2050€ – for groups of up to 35 participants