In the Product design theme course the world of products is approached from various perspectives, e.g ethical and aesthetical. Different aspects of product design are explored individually and in teams. The underlying theme is recycling and innovative reuse of materials.

During the course, the participants generate and develop ideas, design and prototype a variety of products in different scales, and practice how to consider multiple simultaneous aims, ambitions and preconditions in the design process.

The participants get acquainted with different materials and their carbon footprint, and learn to use a wide range of techniques and tools for prototyping. 

STEAM Topics:

  • Technology; materials
  • Engineering; technical drawings
  • Art; design
  • Math; scale
  • Humanities; communication

Skills practiced:

  • Critical thinking; design thinking, collaboration, presentation

Working Methods:

Interactive lectures, design thinking process, hands-on working, presentation techniques, pitching

Age range:

7+ years


3-5 days