A interior design workshop with pupils engaged in hands-on activities planning floorplans and interiors on a table.

Interior Design theme course

This theme course takes the participants on a journey into the fascinating and colorful world of interior design, artistic expression, and interior environments.

Taking the role of designers, the participants dive into the exploration of space, allowing elements such as light, color, form, texture, and pattern to serve as their guiding stars throughout the design journey.

From architectural marvels to intricate interiors, furniture, and mesmerizing patterns, the projects offer a diverse canvas for the imagination to flourish. The participants unleash their creativity while ideating, designing, and crafting their dream house interior, a space that reflects their unique personality, visions, and desired style.

The participants showcase their visionary designs through various media, engage in lively discussions, and exchange ideas with fellow participants, fostering a dynamic and inspiring learning environment.