What would your dream house and neighbourhood look like?

This workshop introduces the participants to  the architecture of small houses as well as town  planning. The participants explore building materials, urban planning and different typologies of towns. 

The participants design their own houses, which  together form a happy town. Additional elements  such as scale people, vehicles and trees are  used to complete the model. The contribution made by each member of the team is  an essential part of the whole. This  workshop utilizes hands‑on learning and 3D model  building methods.

Ultimately different versions of happy towns are  compared and studied from different perspectives.

STEAM Topics:

  • Math; scale
  • Engineering; materials
  • Architecture; interior design

Skills practiced:

  • Critical and creative thinking; problem solving

Working Methods:

Interactive lecture, design thinking, hands-on working, presentation

Age range:

7+ years


2 hours

Price (excluding VAT):

1150€ – for groups of up to 15 participants
1550€ – for groups of up to 25 participants
2050€ – for groups of up to 35 participants