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Future U social innovation challenge: solutions from children to children

The first edition of  FutureU, the social innovation challenge initiated by Arkki in Vietnam,  recently ended.  Children presented the solutions they had designed for children’s real-world problems.  In total 42 teams from 4 cities participated. 15 of the solutions reached the product testing round,  5 teams were invited to pitch at TECHFEST 2020 and 2 teams managed to commercialize their product. 

Future U engages students in addressing real-world challenges and nurtures their innovation & 21st-century skills.

  The project involves students in initiating and leading real projects addressing social challenges from zero to commercialization.  Children build an entrepreneurial mindset and develop innovations skills. The program fosters social responsibility and cultural awareness while developing self-esteem and lifelong learning skills. 

Tackling environmental, mental health, and sexual harassment problems among others 

One of the projects that made it to the commercialization phase was the book “Trash Monster Disappear”. It aims to educate children on environmental issues. 

arkki future u social innovation challenge

“I had many exciting experiences and met great people. Let’s be a CHANGEMAKER, let’s dare to think and take action, dare to dream, and make changes! Duong Quynh Huong, P.O.P Team Leader. Grade 9, Dinh Thien Ly Secondary & Highschool  FutureU 2020 Alumni

One innovation that received content and promotion support from UNICEF Vietnam and local experts was a mobile game educating children on sexual harassment and its prevention.  Now it is in the testing phase to improve the user interface with teachers and students. 

A group of students found that it was time to address mental health awareness from a different perspective. They designed Art therapy workshops to build mental health awareness among students. The project continues in its testing phase with users and is being mentored by mental health experts. 

“We learned to communicate more effectively,  present our ideas and get along with different personalities.  It’s such a real experience working in real-life situations that none of my teammates have had before.” Nguyen Cao Nhan P.O.P Team (Grade 9)

Future U 2021 registration is open 

 The registration will be open until October 25th in this link 

More information about Arkki social innovations here

FUTURE-U 2020 in Numbers:

» 42 Teams from 4 Cities

» 20+ Fieldtrips

» 300+ Interviews

» 4000+ Survey Results

5 Teams reaching the final phase: 

» US $6,500 crowd-funded 

» 15+ product testing rounds

» 5 teams invited to pitch at TECHFEST 2020

» 2 teams with commercialized products