Fantasy Chair workshop is as fantastic as it sounds! In this workshop, the participants get to explore their imagination and ideate, design, test, and prototype. 

The pupils get acquainted with the design thinking process hands-on, and explore, test and develop their ideas. 

This design workshop includes an inspirational lecture that takes a look at some designer chair classics. 

Depending on the shape and form of the designs, different modeling materials can be used to produce the prototype models. 

STEAM Topics:

  • Technology; Structures
  • Engineering; materials
  • Architecture; furniture design
  • Math; scale
  • Humanities; ergonomics

Skills practiced:

  • Critical and creative thinking; problem solving

Working Methods:

Interactive lecture, design thinking process, hands-on working, presentation

Age range:

7+ years


2 hours

Price (excluding VAT):

1150€ – for groups of up to 15 participants
1550€ – for groups of up to 25 participants
2050€ – for groups of up to 35 participants