This workshop introduces a captivating method to study design and composition through the appearance of buildings. This workshop is suitable for younger participants, but will offer challenge to advanced participants as well. 

The architectural expression of buildings are created through the composition of several architectural elements. A massive stone building is quite different in appearance from a delicate glass and steel building. In this workshop the participants concentrate on the elevations of buildings and imagine that buildings have different expressions. Can buildings look solemn, joyful, sad, or  serious?

The workshop includes an inspirational lecture in which the basic elements of architectural design are discussed.

STEAM Topics:

  • Technology; construction methods
  • Engineering; materials
  • Architecture; design and composition
  • Math; scale

Skills practiced:

  • Socio-emotional skills; empathy

Working Methods:

Interactive lecture, design thinking, hands-on working, presentation

Age range:

4+ years


2 hours

Price (excluding VAT):

1150€ – for groups of up to 15 participants
1550€ – for groups of up to 25 participants
2050€ – for groups of up to 35 participants