This course is a multisensory exploration of art, space, environment, and artistic expression. 

Individually, and together as a team, the pupils conceptualize, design and prototype their ideas for environmental artworks. Together they create a 3D installation artwork, that is an adventure for the different senses. 

This course engages pupils in an interdisciplinary adventure embracing ideas from philosophy, art, design and ecology. The pupils use various materials and techniques to illustrate and demonstrate their ideas, and develop their empathy,  creative skills, and cultural and social awareness.

STEAM Topics:

  • Science; ecology
  • Art; atmosphere, harmony, composition
  • Math; shapes and forms
  • Humanities; aesthetics
  • Social sciences; culture

Skills practiced:

  • Socio-emotional skills; cultural and social awareness

Working Methods:

Interactive lectures, design thinking, observation, experimentation, hands-on working, presentation

Age range:

7+ years


3-5 days