Theme courses

In addition to the long-term education, Arkki offering includes more than 10 different theme courses. The duration of these courses can be up to  40 hours each.  They are designed around a certain theme or topic: hut building, urban planning, product design, fashion design, etc.

Children come and work in teams for 2 – 5 continuous days, working hard on a project that they really care and having a lot of fun along the way. Design thinking, STEAM skills and knowledge, 21st-century skills and qualities are extensively integrated. At the end of the course, the children know that they have succeeded in creating things that not many grown-ups would be able to complete, e.g. ideas for a new smart and child-friendly city, a hut village on trees, or a fashion show. This kind of achievement will boost a child’s confidence and self-esteem to continue their personal development.


ArkkiBotics – Robot City theme course

ArkkiBotics – Robot City theme course is about learning the 21-century skills and CT (Computational Thinking) through playful activities and hands-on experimentation. During the theme course the pupils practice important skills such as: curiosity creativity communication complex problem solving critical …

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Urban Design theme course

What does a happy, smart, and child-friendly city look like? How can we design a better city for the next generation? In the Urban Design theme course, participants ideate and create their future Dream City in 3D models. Multidisciplinary urban …

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Urban Design 3D AR theme course

In Urban design 3D AR theme course pupils take a look at cities from different perspectives and design the future city of their dreams. In addition to the traditional planning methods such as discussions, planning and sketching the pupils will …

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Product Design theme course

On the Product Design theme course we approach the world of products from various perspectives and get familiar with design thinking process in practice. During the course we design and prototype a variety of products in different scales as well …

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Fashion Design theme course

Do you dream about being a fashion designer? In the Arkki fashion design course pupils will be merged in a fashion design process and go through all the stages from designing to making patterns, cutting the textile, sawing and completing …

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Hut Building theme course

This course is a dream come true! During the hut building course the pupils will each day build a different hut together as a group.The pupils are introduced to nomadic huts and natural materials as well as their uses. Through …

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Environmental Art theme course

The Environmental Art theme course engages pupils in an interdisciplinary creative adventure embracing ideas from philosophy, art, design, cultural history, and ecology. During the course the pupils create a Mystical Garden, an installation artwork, that is an adventure for the …

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Animation theme course

On the animation course the pupils learn how to plan and realize their own animation movie step by step. They will learn about different animation techniques such as traditional animation by drawing, wax animation and stop motion and get to …

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A interior design workshop with pupils engaged in hands-on activities planning floorplans and interiors on a table.

Interior Design theme course

This theme course takes the participants on a journey into the fascinating and colorful world of interior design, artistic expression, and interior environments. Taking the role of designers, the participants dive into the exploration of space, allowing elements such as …

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