What kind of home could you design in a shipping container?

The starting point for this workshop is a shipping container and the design challenge is to transform the predefined shapes into interesting dwellings. This workshop takes a look at mass, shape, forms, materials, and elevations, focusing on fenestration, door openings, roof forms, overhangs and cantilevers. The topics are introduced in an inspirational lecture and applied into the participants own designs.

Finally, all the container homes of the whole group will be assembled into a block of container flats. 

STEAM Topics:

  • Math; scale
  • Engineering; materials
  • Architecture; facade design

Skills practiced:

  • Critical and creative thinking; problem solving

Working Methods:

Interactive lecture, design thinking, hands-on working, presentation

Age range:

7+ years


2 hours

Price (excluding VAT):

1090€ – for groups of up to 15 participants
1490€ – for groups of up to 25 participants