Arkki starts operations in Turkey

Arkki and Turkey Design Council to provide creative education in the region 

Arkki International has partnered with the Turkey Design Council to provide Arkki educational programs in the region.  

The collaboration will start with Arkki’s creative workshops in Istanbul in Autumn 2020. In the coming months, Turkey Design Council aims to broaden the scope of Arkki offering and to also provide long-term programs starting from spring 2021. After Istanbul, they aim to expand to other regions in the country. 

The main objective of this collaboration is to bring the awarded Arkki programs from Finland to empower Turkish children with the most essential 21st-century skills – like creativity, complex problem solving, and critical thinking. 

“We are delighted to collaborate with such a distinguished organization as Turkey Design Council to promote together the education of the creative skills and competencies through architecture & design education. In the future world of work, creative thinking skills will be necessary for all, not only for creative professionals.  We look forward to providing Arkki´s cross-disciplinary STEAM program to Turkish children and youth, engaging them in creative processes, and supporting them becoming future innovators, no matter what their occupation will be.” says Pihla Meskanen, Arkki International CEO. 

Turkey Design Council is a prominent organization known for its versatile actions in impacting Turkish society through design-related activities. The implementation of Arkki programs in Turkey aims to broaden their scope of actions and widen the scope of audiences. 

We are so excited to bring  Arkki – creative education ecosystem into Turkey as its partner. Turkey Design Council has focused on design education at an early age since it was founded. As the Council, we are proud to provide platforms to support our children to develop their 21st-century skills with Arkki education programs. Design education cultivates alternative thinking and complex problem-solving capabilities which are instrumental for every discipline and occupation in the modern world. We believe this collaboration will help us foster these capabilities in the young generation which will shape the future of Turkey. “  says Mehmet Kalyoncu Board Chairman of the Turkey design council. 



More about Turkey Design Council  

Turkey Design Council aims to contribute to Turkey’s social and economic development with design-oriented approaches. It promotes young designers and provides a basis for the production of the qualified design. It creates design awareness for a better world. Turkey Design Council exposes the public and private sectors by providing added value to meet with good design and thereby contribute to Turkey’s advantage of being a competitive power of design.

Turkey Design Council handles social and economic problems with the idea of multidisciplinary design and generates solutions with original approaches.

Turkey Design Council discusses social and economic visions together with interdisciplinary design thinking and practices. Through this process, it accomplishes its duties as an NGO by gathering public and private actors with sustainable methods.


More about Arkki  

Arkki provides creative education using architecture & design as holistic real-world phenomena to integrate STEAM subjects

Arkki programs have been developed in Finland since 1993 by Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Youth. Arkki Curriculum was approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2008. It follows the national curriculum called “National Core Curriculum for the Advanced Syllabus for basic Education in Architecture”

Arkki programs have impacted tens of thousands of children who have participated in long-term programs, courses, workshops, or projects. Children are capable of much more than we usually expect, and we want to give them opportunities to succeed and reach their fullest potential!

Arkki is present in 7 countries and actively collaborates in Finland and Internationally with local governments, companies, and organizations such as UNICEF. We aim to make children’s voices better heard all over the world.

Arkki has been recognized internationally multiple times. Arkki has been selected as a finalist for the WISE 2020 Awards for its impactful and innovative approach to education,  won UNICEF CFCI2019 Inspire Award in the category “Meaningful Child Participation” and made it to the prestigious HundrED 2020 Global Collection as one of the leading and most inspiring innovations in education that are changing the face of K12 education today.

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For more information please contact Elena Pinero Martinez| Head of Marketing and Communications of Arkki International Ltd.  / +358456460300 / Kalevankatu 31 a 14, 00100 Helsinki