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Arkki International receives two recognitions for its work on creativity and its innovative approach and impact in education.

Creative Education by Arkki International has been selected by The LEGO Foundation and Global non-profit HundrED as one of the 20 leading innovations fostering creativity in education. 

The Spotlight on Creativity highlights some of the leading education innovations in the world focused on cultivating creativity both inside and outside the classroom. 

This research project aims to discover and celebrate leading innovations doing exceptional work in fostering creativity in education. Arkki is proud to be recognized as one of the most impactful innovations fostering creativity in education. Arkki will also be featured in the #CreativitySpotlight report by LEGOfoundation, presenting 20 leading innovations fostering creativity in K12 education from around the world.

Arkki kids urban design campus Bangkok


Arkki is chosen to HundrED Global Collection 2021as one of the most impactful and scalable innovations in K12 education. 

Creative Education for Future Innovators by Arkki International was chosen to the HundrED Global Collection due to its unique approach and its potential to create a sustainable impact in education.  The selection of this years’ innovations was made by the HundrED research team and 150 Academy Members consisting of academics, educators, innovators, funders, and leaders from over 50 countries. In total, there were 3404 reviews by the Academy based on their impact and scalability. 


“We are so honored and proud to receive these important recognitions. I think Creativity is needed more than ever. It helps us to grow under unexpected circumstances and come up with new solutions. Creativity will bring education closer to the reality of today and the unknown possibilities of tomorrow.” says Pihla Meskanen Arkki International CEO “Creativity is a natural way of living a human life, and by small creative decisions and interventions we can make a much bigger impact!”


arkki part of hundred 2021 collection

HundrED’s annual Global Collection highlights 100 of the most impactful innovations in K12 education from around the world. The goal is to inspire a movement by helping pedagogically sound, ambitious innovations spread and adapt to multiple contexts across the world. The collection will be revealed on the 4th of November in the free virtual HundrED Innovation Summit 2020, which brings together the most inspiring and impactful education innovations from around the world. 

Arkki is proud to be included in this list of innovations that are changing the face of K12 education today. Arkki is a School of Creative Education for children and youth where pupils learn general innovation skills through architecture. Arkki aims to equip and nurture the new generation with a creative mindset and innovation skills needed into and beyond the 21st century.  

Arkki Giant puzzle blocks by Pihla 3

“Creativity, like other key skills,  can be learned but it needs practice. For this, we  are fully committed to providing the means and mediums so that children can learn the most essential skills needed in life”

Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Youth was founded in Finland in 1993 and is run by a non-profit organization called Arkki ry. In 2014 Arkki ry started international licensing of its programs via Arkki International Ltd. The programs based on the concept created by Arkki ry have been licensed in 6 countries. In 27 years, Arkki has organized thousands of courses and workshops for more than 25,000 children in more than 50 countries.

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