Arkki Educators

 “My daughter loves Arkki year after year! This hobby is one of our all-time favorites! The teachers are kind and professional” Minna, mother, Finland

The Arkki teacher’s role is to be a facilitator, guiding pupils through carefully designed learning paths. The teacher is crucial in creating a warm and secure atmosphere, inside which the children feel confident to experiment and also to take creative risks. 

 Arkki teachers are trained by Arkki and have a background in architecture and design. 


“Learning is a way of life and the world is our teacher. Phenomena-based education connects learning with the world we live in.  My biggest reward as a teacher is when I see knowledge in action.”  Teresa Winter Architect Educator Arkki International Content Development


In Arkki the teacher’s role is not traditional. In Arkki the teacher joins the pupils on their personal learning journeys, supports their individual research and experimentation. The educator guides them forward with discussion and question-making. The different phenomena are approached individually and in groups through inspiring pictures, discussions, planning, designing, drawing, writing, modeling, constructing, etc. 

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