Arkki Pedagogy

Creative education for Future innovators 

We Build Job Creators, not Job Seekers! Arkki aims to provide children with new capacities, means, and mediums to influence the creation of our future environment, no matter what their occupation will be.

Arkki International provides creative education to 4-19-year-old kids using architecture and design projects as holistic real-world phenomena.

Arkki’s phenomenon-based and hands-on learning integrates different STEAM subjects, Humanities and Social Sciences, and supports the development of diverse skills and competencies.

“I have learned skills that I can apply in all fields of life – Arkki project-based learning teaches us creative problem-solving skills.” Joosua Kuusela, Arkki pupil, 18 years, Finland.


STEAM and beyond 

Arkki’s phenomenon-based and hands-on learning integrates different STEAM subjects, Humanities and Social Sciences, and supports the development of diverse skills and competencies.   Arkki’s full long term program lasts 15-year program with 1500 hours of teaching content.

Arkki program uses architecture and design as a multidisciplinary approach to phenomenon-based learning.

Arkki provides creative education using architecture and design projects to integrate different STEM subjects, using the STEAM approach, where architecture is the “A” instead of the arts. Architecture is a perfect to integrate STEM subjects, humanities, and social sciences, due to its multidisciplinary nature. The architecture enables multidisciplinary project work including STEM subjects, humanities, and social sciences.

“In maths we don’t use our craft skills or do any architecture stuff.  This way of using math skills is so much more fun.”

“[With Arkki projects] We get to do things ourselves, and we end up learning even if we don’t realise we’re learning.”

4th grade pupils, Taivalahti School, Finland 

Arkki program and pedagogical approach enhance creativity and innovation skills by constantly engaging the pupils in design thinking processes through project based challenges

Lifelong learning skills

Arkki program fosters active learning and pupil-centered learning giving the pupils the power and the skills to take ownership and responsibility of their own learning and develop to be lifelong learners. 

Arkki´s program focuses on developing character qualities such as curiosity, persistence and social and cultural awareness – and the competencies such as communication and collaboration skills. 

But most of all, Arkki program focuses on developing the higher order thinking skills of the human brain – such as critical thinking, and creativity.

HOT skills (Higher Order Thinking Skills)

Through project-based and phenomenon-based learning, the Arkki program develops

HOT skills, such as Creativity and Innovation skills – the skills that help us humans solve problems such as “what to do with all the knowledge we have”, and “how to use it to make the world a better place”.


Play – Create – Succeed


Children are naturally curious. Arkki program uses play-based learning and supports children in their natural ability to wonder and question. Children are facilitated to explore the wonders of the world around them by ideating, hands-on experimenting and collaboration.

Arkki’s motto “Play – create – succeed!” highlights the playful approach in active learning and emphasizes creativity, imagination, and other important 21st century skills needed in the future as well as the significance of positive feedback and motivation within the learning process. Arkki programs make learning fun and engaging while fostering life-long-learning.

“I think this is what we need for our children besides the regular curriculum. The way to encourage the children to think and be creative, imagine and innovate.

I definitely bring my children back to Arkki again!”

Cindy Sirinya Bishop, 41,  host, model, actress, and Women rights activist. Some of her campaigns have received the support of UN Women and the Government of Thailand.


Wide range of education services

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Arkki programs intertwine the “4P´s”; Projects, Peers, passion and Play.

Arkki program aims to develop personal creativity and encourage individual and collaborative learning. 

Arkki´s exceptional pedagogical concepts inspire children to learn through inquiry learning processes and hands-on experimentation. Learning is made fun and rewarding. 

Arkki´s phenomenon-based educational modules are designed so that everybody learns through success, positive feedback and cooperative learning. “Play, create, succeed!” is the essence of Arkki´s philosophy.  

Arkki´s pedagogical approach emphasizes hands-on building, creative problem solving, and 3D construction. In Arkki´s philosophy, each child is important, and the learning methods aim to develop personal creativity and encourage individual learning. Everyone discovers his or her own approach, and can experience the feeling of success! 

Finnish education approach

Creativity is typically defined as the ability to come up with new and useful ideas. This applies to all fields of life.

Literacy and numeracy are the basis of our society and for creating new meaningful knowledge, but globally we have reached the point where we need to rapidly change the education goals. The Finnish learning aims at teaching children skills, instead of concentrating on memorizing the ever-growing amount of facts.