This course takes the participants to a fascinating journey exploring the complex world of architectural design. 

The participants assume the role of an architect and designer, and ideate, design and create their own dream house interior, exterior and close environment representing their visions. They explore how to create spaces, places and atmospheres by combining the basic elements of architecture in different scales.

The participants dive hands-on in a creative design process and idete, sketch, design, develop, prototype, and discuss their solutions with peers. 

STEAM Topics:

  • Science; environments
  • Technology; construction materials
  • Engineering; function, drawings
  • Architecture; design, plan, atmosphere
  • Mathematics; scale

Skills practiced:

  • Analytical thinking, creative thinking, critical thinking; problem-solving, 

Working Methods:

Interactive lectures, design thinking, planning, sketching,  3D working, presentation

Age range:

8-12+ years


3-5 days